Mid-Atlantic Esotericon

June 13th 2020, Manassas Virginia


About the Conference

The Mid-Atlantic Esotericon is the first of its kind conference for, and about Esoteric Masonry and Esoteric topics. Founded in 2019, our mission is to bring together like-minded individuals for a day of education, fellowship and immersion in an effort to break the stigma associated with Esoteric topics.

The 2020 edition of the Conference will take place at Kena Shrine, in Manassas Virginia on Saturday June 13th 2020. Stay tuned for announcements on speakers and ticket sales!

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2020 Conference Speakers

Stay tuned for coming announcements on our 2020 speaker lineup!

Ezekiel Bates Lodge Masonic Con

The Masonic Con that started it all, hosted by the Brethren of Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attelboro MA, for the past four years Masonic Con has hosted a wide range of speakers, and Masonic vendors and has inspired us, and other Masonic Conferences to bring education to the Masonic masses!

Camp Masonry

What started out as a camping trip between the four Lodges in their Masonic District has now grown into a Masonic phenominon bringing in Masons from across the country. Including speakers, ritual work, a Grand Masters class, festive board and a night time Master Mason Degree that can't be found anywhere else. Join the Brethren of Ohio for a truly unique Masonic experience!

Texas Masonic Con

Started in 2018 by several Brethren of Ft Worth Lodge No 148, the Texas Masonic Con was a way for these Brethren to offer Masonic education to a wider audience than just their Lodge.

SPML Masonic Con

The west coast Masonic Con started by Brethren from South Pasadena Masonic Lodge. This event boasts a festive board, distinguished group of Masonic scholars as well as the screening of several Masonic related movies.

Masonic Con Chicago

The latest Masonic conference to come on the scene, with an eye on Freemasons in the mid-west. Held in the Windy City Chicago, Masonic Con Chicago will hold its first conference in September of 2020.


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